Why Your Small Business Needs a Social Media Expert

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social media expert, social media consultation, SEO, SEM. consultation by Panda Hedima

In a highly business competitive world, the only shot small businesses may have towards creating brand awareness is through the use of digital marketing platforms one of which is social media. Social media offers more than just entertainment or leisure; it holds a lot of opportunities that can profit your small business. Considering that the majority of the online audience can be found on trending social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

The catch is, everyone with a good internet connection has free access to the internet, by all implications, free access to their target audience. There are many approaches to using social media for marketing and advertising purposes. They include;

  • Reaching out to potential customers on your friend list

  • Creating a business page and getting people to follow the page. E.g. Facebook business page

  • Boosting your business to reach a wider audience through paid advertising

  • Asking your friends or networks to repost your business continually

All these and many more are easy and less expensive ways to promote your small business using social media. However, there is a better approach to social media marketing. The advent of digital marketing has given rise to many other forms of digital marketing. Social media experts fully understand the business strategies of converting regular friend lists into paying customers.

Here are a few reasons that would help you consider using a social media expert to promote your business.

Social Media Experts are also Marketing Specialists

This is basically the first point to consider, “social media experts are also marketing specialists.” By having this in mind you will be rest assured that every step or decision they make concerning your business social media presence is targeted at generating leads, sales, and everything in between.

Good Experiential Knowledge of How Social Media Works

Social media marketing goes beyond posting content. Contrary to an amateur handling your business social media page and simply just “posting stuff”, a social media expert sees beyond posting terrific content and focuses the right time to post content. By having a good knowledge of a social media platform and studying social media time charts, a social media expert can decide that the right time to post content may be from 6 pm to 11 pm considering that the majority of the audience would have been done with their daily activities by then. They are also able to track the progress of every content posted by setting up conversion tracking codes or Facebook pixels. The process involves the number of views, number of leads, add-to-cart, sales made, etc.

Audience Engagement

Your business social media page needs more than great content or pictures or ads to achieve your target. A social media expert is able to trigger audience participation and increase page engagement by thinking outside the box and coming up with great ideas that can capture the attention of the target audience and make them take certain actions that would be profitable to the business.

You can also trust a social media expert to:

  • Keep up with the latest social media marketing trends

  • Boost website traffic

  • Make your brand trend by using the right hashtags

  • Run market and competitor analysis

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