Why Your Brand Needs Video Marketing

video editing & marketing by website management agency
video editing & marketing by website management agency

When it comes to business promotion there are various ways to go about it, and as the marketplace continues to evolve with digitization at the fore-front, every business requires more innovative marketing techniques like video marketing.

Video marketing is central to every brand’s marketing plan and not just a piece of the puzzle, especially across social media platforms. According to a HubSpot research on the role social channels play in digital marketing, it was shown that four out of the top six channels global consumers watch are social channels.

The overall idea behind any marketing strategy is to take your brand or business where the majority audience is. In this age, the majority are on social channels. With that been said, here are some terrific ways video marketing can grow your brand. But first, let’s understand what video marketing is.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a marketing strategy or process of using videos to promote your brand, product, or service across social channels. The purpose is to better educate your consumers and customers and reach your audience through a different medium to increase engagement.

Why Video Marketing?

In this day and time ‘content is king.’ Over the last couple of years there has been an increase in the popularity of creating and using video content as an effective marketing tool. In 2017, video content rose to the top of most firm’s marketing tactic list. Between 2018 and 2019, video content moved from being a single marketing tactic to becoming a holistic business strategy.

63% of businesses make use of video content marketing, according to Wyzowl statistics. 82% of businesses also believe video marketing is very strategic in growing their brand.

Again, according to another research by HubSpot more than 50% of consumers prefer to see video content from brands compared to any other type of content. One could say the major reason for that is because video content easily captures and presents the basic idea of a brand to a consumer in a just a few seconds, compared to reading through a long article. Although, there are downsides to video content which include its inability to capture the whole idea of a brand, product or service.

Video marketing has successfully transformed brands’ marketing techniques, however, that isn’t the only thing that has been transformed. It has also successfully transformed the way salespeople connect with prospects, as well as convert them into leads. Video marketing has also changes how service teams engage customers. In a nutshell, video marketing does more than creating brand awareness.

  • Conversion and Sales Boost

  • Helps Brands Rank Higher on Search Engines

  • It is Mostly Preferable by Mobile Users

  • Explains the General Idea in a Few Seconds/Minutes

  • It Engages all Kinds of Buyers

  • Shareable Across Social Channels

  • Builds Trust

  • Gives Good ROI

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