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Email Marketing Explained. Website Management Agency Parnda Hedima

The desire of every business is to maximise profit and every business activity is geared towards ensuring that the numbers keep rising, or the purpose of business would be defeated. Every business activity that doesn’t support the aim of a business is most likely put away with. As times have changed and new technologies evolved, businesses have tried to take advantage of each development and trend that further puts them in a place of advantage.

One key activity of every business is marketing, you can’t separate marketing from any business because every product needs to be sold and then customers are also needed, as some would say “the customer is king”. Running a business, I would definitely focus on not just creating a good product, but I would as well focus on creating a good product for the right market when one has come to understand the product and then the market, there is a sense of direction as marketing can now be precise.

Marketing as we know is simply engaging in activities that promote and sell products or services, which includes market research and advertising. As stated earlier, marketing is very essential in business and seeing how technologies have evolved, there is an added advantage for businesses, which is known as e-mail marketing.

What is email marketing all about?

Email marketing is not something new, in the world of digital marketing it was one of the earliest forms of marketing, and today it has gained more attraction and is frequently used. We all get tons of messages via email on a daily basis, these are from different businesses with products to sell, some of these messages are compelling and could easily convert us into customers, if we yield.

To some people, email marketing is the most direct and effective way of connecting with potential clients and I quite agree with that. Email marketing is simply using digital means, by way of sending emails to prospects, and as well retain those who have patronized your business in one way or the other.

The aim of sending emails to prospects is to convert them, those who have patronized the business are also reached so they could be retained and if possible, they become loyal to the business, all these can be achieved with an effective email marketing strategy.

There is no business that shouldn’t jump on it or take advantage of email marketing. I would easily recommend it to businesses, seeing the high conversion rate it presents to businesses. It would reach more people than the traditional means of marketing. With a compelling sales copy, it strikes the right emotion in the prospect and they have no choice but to purchase a product.

A good marketing technique is not just out to show the customer a new product, it shows you how you need the product, even after you felt you didn’t. A compelling sales copy would achieve that through email marketing, you can do more convincing in writing than actual words, where you have to meet physically with the prospect.

Email marketing helps to build stronger customer relationships. By consistently sending valuable emails, you keep your business in the mind of the customers. You can enlighten them on those things that interest them and also show appreciation for their patronage as you inform them of special offers or discounts that are available.

Email marketing is cost-effective when compared to other traditional means of marketing. Many people would most likely pick email marketing over traditional means which includes print media and the rest. A lot of businesses spend so much using traditional means of marketing and sometimes they don’t get the results they desire after spending so much, but with email marketing, you could spend less and earn more.

It creates more brand awareness. There are some businesses today we probably wouldn’t know exists but for the use of email marketing. If one desires to go international with a business and is deliberate about it, then email marketing is the best bet, most especially for digital products.

It is easy to track and measure. With traditional advertising can you know exactly how many people come in contact with your campaigns? But this is made possible by email marketing as you can know those who are opening, reading and clicking through the contents you send via email and know if your email campaigns are successful.

You should take advantage of email marketing for your business; the benefits are countless.

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