Valuable traits to look for when hiring a new employee

Parnda Hedima is a Business Consultant
Valuable traits to look for when hiring an employee.

It is not such an easy thing to hire new employees, especially when a business is just launching out. As a recruiter or a manager, it pays to be extra careful in hiring new employees to work in your organization or business, knowing that they go a long way in contributing to the growth and progress of the organization.

But if you happen to make the wrong choice in hiring someone with certain bad traits and attitudes, the result can be very detrimental to your company, it can also create a poor work environment. Knowing the danger of hiring a wrong employee, what are those traits to look out for when hiring new employees?

These traits will prove to be very valuable to every organization if they get it right. Education and work experience are important but these traits go a long way in building an organization.

1. INTEGRITY – This is a very key trait to look out for. This particular trait should be made a top priority when hiring. People of integrity are becoming very difficult to find and when you find them, you should keep them. Especially if it is a company that offers financial service, you can never go wrong with a person of integrity. One who stands for what is right and true and would never compromise for personal gains and profit.

2. POSITIVE ATTITUDE – It is very important that every organization hire those who have a positive attitude towards work and every other work-related activity. There would definitely be bad times in an organization and you need people who are very positive to stand the test of time. Even when things are proving to be chaotic, a positive attitude is priceless, having an employee looking at it all and saying to you, we’ll get through this. That is a very important trait to look out for.

3. TEAM PLAYER – Some people can be quite selfish and some may have a negative competitive spirit. They hardly want to work with others, even when they know they are not sufficient enough to carry out the task. Trust me, you don’t want to employ such a person. You need someone who is comfortable working with people, someone that is not bothered about who gets the credit, but more concerned about achieving organizational goals and the tasks at hand.

4. GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS – Communication is very important in every organization, and you know there is hardly any progress without good communication. As the manager is able to communicate goals and visions, an employee should be able to report back to their leaders. Not everyone has proper communication skills, and when there is a break in communication you know very well that every other thing is affected.

5. PASSION AND DRIVE – Having employees who are self-driven and passionate about their job is a plus to any organization. It saves you a lot of stress, even down to the point where you may not necessarily tell them what to do, but because of their drive and passion for the job, they make the right moves that are beneficial to the organization.

6. ABILITY TO TAKE INITIATIVE – When you have employees who can take initiative and make the right decisions that promote the organization, you are good to go. You don’t need to always give orders or supervise them, they just know what they have to do, when to do it and how to do it. When you have an employee who can take initiative, as a leader or manager you can comfortably go to bed, knowing that the job is in good hands.

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