Using Digital Marketing to Grow Your Business & Start-up Brand

Taking Advantage of the internet and Digital mediums to promote your business and startup to gain relevant traffic and clients

Thanks to the continuous development of the internet business and marketing techniques are also evolving from traditional business and marketing strategies. This is not to say that the place of traditional marketing is underrated, but that digital marketing offers better, faster, easier, and less expensive marketing techniques.

For every business that seeks to gain visibility on all online or digital platforms especially small businesses, then digital marketing is your best shot. Before we see why, here’s a definition of digital marketing for starters.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion and advertisement of a business’s products and services and brand through digital platforms. In simple terms, any business promoted digitally is ‘digital marketing’. Just like traditional marketing, the basic idea of digital marketing is to create brand awareness by using digital media such as television, radio, mobile devices, social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), transit signs, and billboards.

Why Digital Marketing?

Here’s why!

It is no “new news” that since the internet boom the world has practically gone digital and as the times continue to change the online audience continues to grow. Due to busy schedules and other personal preferences, many people may not have the time to listen to radio jingles or see a TV ad, or probably look up ads in newspapers or magazines. Everything is easily made available on the internet and that is why digital marketers have also taken the game to where the majority of the audience are—online. Also, compared to traditional marketing digital marketing is relatively less expensive especially when using social media, emails, and webpages to run advertisements.

Whether you run a large or small/medium business digital marketing can be a cost-effective way to grow your business.

Here’s how!

Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns via digital platforms are a good way to create brand awareness. The idea is to use online platforms to advertise your business. There are many online platforms that have slots for advert placements, however, it would benefit your business more to identify online platforms that have a strong audience base or online platforms that generate good traffic. Online advertising is not cheap but it is relatively less expensive compared to traditional advertising.

To run ad campaigns you would first have to create clickable ads that appeal to your audience. The aim is not to only advertise your product to the target audience but ensure that there is a clickable link attached to it which redirects them to a landing page. Creating the “perfect” ad would require that you have the necessary information about your target audience like gender, age grade, general interests, etc., and identify sites that have a wide audience-base of your target audience, for example, “single moms” or “hockey players.”

Remarketing/Retargeting Advertising

This type of marketing strategy is one that works by taking advantage of a user’s product interest and continually find ways to make sure that they always see it. For example, you checked out a Juicer on eBay and all of a sudden every webpage or social media page you open has a Juicer ad pop up. This simply happens because you indicated an interest in the item, similar items may also pop up. This is what it means to remarket or retargeting a product until the target customer eventually makes a purchase.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is also another digital marketing strategy that a lot of businesses have taken advantage of in recent times. Search engine marketing has to with marketing via search engines and they include pay per click (PPC) advertisements. PPC ads consist of three types—search ads, display ads, and shopping ads.

Search ads pop up when users enter related keywords into a search engine they pop up on the first search engine result page, either at the top, middle or bottom of the results page depending on its relevance to the entered keyword. While display ads pop up on other websites rather than a search engine results page. The purpose of display ads is to help you build brand awareness and Googles display ads can help you advertise across 2,000,000 websites, over 90% of people on the internet. Closely related to the fist types of PPC ads are the shopping ads. This category is majorly used by e-commerce sites who are not only interested in creating brand awareness but also making sales. Google Shopping Ads allows you to create ads featuring images with prices.

With PPC ads you can create customized advertisements and set budgets. PPC ads also allow you to view ad metrics once they start running.

Social Media Advertising

Similar to search engine marketing is social media marketing. The most obvious difference between the two is the platform for advertising. While SEM uses strictly search engines to advertise, social media advertising uses social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

The large number of social media platforms gives businesses the opportunity of running ad campaigns across different platforms at the same time. For example, you can run ads on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc. It is not merely enough to run social media ads but always aims at the ones that have a large user-base such as Facebook or YouTube.

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