The Necessity of Digital Marketing

Necessity of Digital Marketing by Parnda Hedima

Businesses have taken their advertising game beyond traditional advertising to modern-day digital advertising. Through digital advertising, companies are able to leverage the internet by using it to push promotional and advertising content of a brand or product. From its inception till now, digital advertising has since modified advertising processes with the help of search engines, social media platforms, email ads support, etc. Digital advertising goes beyond creating brand awareness to generating leads and making successful sales

How does it work?

Modern-day digital advertising works by creating an avenue where businesses can reach out to a wider audience by leveraging on the popularity of online platforms such as Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. These trusted sites sell out ad spaces to interested advertisers who would have an interest in the sites’ audience. The ads are categorized into geographical locations, gender, age, and other interests the advertisers may have in their target audience.

There are underlying factors that determine the type of ads that get to you some of which include your online activities and search results. It has been stated that Google alone has a record of at least 3.5 billion searches daily made by users. 35% of these searches are for products and 34% of the searches are for businesses or outlets with the keywords “near me.”

Why is Digital Advertising Necessary?

Studies have indicated that about 60% of people who have bought a product or patronized a particular business were influenced by digital advertising. Taking adverts online is an embraced marketing strategy used all over the world today. Even if you own a small business, chances are, you are most likely to use social media to promote your business which is also a form of digital advertising called ‘social media marketing’. Online is where the market is, and online is where businesses must go to reach a heterogeneous audience.

Digital advertising doesn’t just stop at putting up an ad on social media or Google. It also makes use of online advertising tools to analyze, track, and monitor the ad progress to improve online ad campaigns where necessary. The purpose of tracking this progress is to help you properly analyze your target audience and converting them into potential customers. Through a non-intrusive and non-disturbing way, your ads can get across to your target audience and if it catches their interest the host website would redirect them to your business website for further information. The digital platform also gives you the advantage of tracking every step your audience takes in relation to the ad in question.

Some businesses go as far as using Adwords, another form of digital advertising using priced keywords which is another marketing strategy commonly used by most businesses. These keywords make up a list of most looked-up words that appear on search engine results. By optimizing your website with relevant keywords, you can easily rank higher in search engine results. A very good percentage of site visitors do not go beyond the first search engine results page. Ranking higher therefore, places your business at an advantage of generating organic traffic.

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