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Whether or not you are operating a small or big business, create an online presence for your

business. With over 600 million people on social media, be sure that there people searching for your business online and not having an online presence is equivalent to having a closed sign on your office door. The customers are on the other side, wanting to trade with you but the closed sign on your door keeps them off.

Steps To Take Your Business Online

1.Social Media: The first step to creating an online presence for your business should start

with social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Studies show that Facebook alone has more than 100 million people, 70% of this number are youths.

LinkedIn has been rated as the best professional platform to be. Taking your business to such platforms would pitch your service to clients and customers around the world

2. Business Website and Blog.

This aspect is very important. Operating on other people's blogs is like wanting to use an extension of someone else's phone number while you can easily get your own and use without restrictions. This is one mistake some businesses make, most business owner thinks that by using a blog with more view it would help promote their business. This might be true, but having your own personal blog or website adds to your value and uniqueness.

● Brand yourself

● Post valuable content

● Comment on reviews from your customers and visitors.

Why You Should Take Your Business Online

Affordable To Manage compared to other platforms

Online presence is cheaper than erecting a physical structure for your business or renting an

office for your service. Creating a superb website and driving traffic to your page can cost you about $4000 per year. This is not even enough to rent an office for your business.

Also, the internet has more viewers than your physical office and you can choose to work on

your online presence from the com for your home.


While with your physical office, convincing those around you that you offer a credible job is

usually a very strenuous exercise. In fact, the person you are trying to convince would go online, read a superb article of an organization that offers the same service as yours and goes for the online company.

This is just to say, with a well-drafted and engaging content that pitches your service to the

public, you would need little or no convincing. Only ensure that you are offering a credible

service. With a single good review from a client, your business can take a leap.

Influence Buyers's Decisions.

While your online presence influences customers' decisions, good reviews on your product or service earn their trust. Your website gives you the avenue to influence your customer's decision despite similar organizations offering the same service as you.

Increase Productivity.

In today's digital world and age, inquiries about any product or service are usually done on the internet. People don't go about looking for the next possible organization that offers what they want they simply do this by going online. Online presence increases your business productivity.

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For Search Engine Optimization, Adverting, Website and Design please Contact us by Email, Website Contact or Phone (239) 227-5768.

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