Protecting Your Small Business from Cyberattacks

Protecting Your Small Business from Cyberattacks - Cyber-Security Parnda Hedima
Protecting Your Small Business from Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent in businesses from hacking into business systems to stealing consumer data or other important data. The more technology improves the more hackers up their game. Therefore, it is important that businesses go the extra mile to regularly update their systems, use strong passwords and change them when necessary, and limit employee access to important information.

As a business owner, protecting your business systems and data against cyberattacks is of utmost importance as failure to do so would not only cost your business a lot of damage but also affect your business or brand reputation as well as lose customer loyalty. In this article, we’ve outlined a couple of things you can do to protect your small business from cyberattacks.

Regularly Update your Operating Systems and Software

Tech companies that offer OS and software services are constantly on the move to update their products. It would be in your best interest to keep up with the updates. Every new update is intended to patch up possible loopholes that may have been created in the older version which gives hackers an entry point into a system or software. You can protect your business from cyberattacks by constantly looking out for new system upgrades and downloading them.

Limit User Access

Limiting employee access to important data and other information would not only make it easier to monitor the activities of users who access certain data but also allow you to lower the risk of human error. Once an authorized employee decides to leave your company immediately retrieve their access cards and instruct that all passwords are changed and necessary system upgrade be done on all computers. It is safe to do the needful once an authorized employee leaves regardless of the relationship you may share. Failure to do so may just put your business in harm’s way of cyberattacks.

Install Firewalls for Both Software and Hardware

The importance of firewalls cannot be overemphasized as they can prevent hackers from breaching a system and prevent employees from accessing malicious websites with company computers. Also, regularly updating firewalls for both hardware and software would further secure your business systems. In addition to firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDPS) can also be used to secure your business networks when off-site employees access it.

Use Web and Email Filters

Web and email filters are useful in filtering safe websites from malicious ones that expose company systems to malware risks. It also helps in protecting company emails against spam messages. It would also be useful to educate employees on the need for not visiting websites such as pornographic websites or accessing the “dark web” with company computers as such websites encourage malware risks.

All Wireless Networks and Access Points Should Be Properly Secured

Hackers would stop at absolutely nothing to breach a system, therefore, you should also stop at absolutely nothing in protecting your business from cyberattacks. You can secure access points by using strong passwords and updating them regularly, use Wi-Fi protected Access 2 (WPA-2) on your router, also set up Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on your router. If you don’t intend to make public a particular wireless network, you can deactivate the service set identifier (SSID) of the wireless access point.

Safely Dispose of Old Computers and Software No Longer Useful

Because old computers and software that are no longer in use may likely contain vital company information, it would not be ideal to simply pack them in the storage. Packing them in the storage would take up more space, if you intend to give them out or disposing of them, carefully retrieve all important data or format the computers before disposing them or donating them.

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