Promoting your Business with a blog

Website management agency Blog post can help your business increase relevant traffic
Promoting your Business with a blog

When it comes to promoting a business there are all types of platforms businesses can use, from digital platforms to word-of-mouth, recommendations, or referrals. To effectively promote your business, you must first properly understand the nature of your business and do research on the best platforms that can cause your business to thrive. Promoting your business via online platforms requires that you are able to create and distribute quality consumer-based content that is in line with your overall business goals.

Publishing content for business promotion is a practice that has popularized among brands, businesses, and retailers to grow their businesses. While there are costly platforms to publish marketable content, there are also affordable platforms like blogs to help you promote your business and site.

Why blogs?

HubSpot reported in 2015 that B2B companies that had at least 11 content on their blog in a month saw almost 3x more traffic than companies who blogged just once in a month. The report also showed that B2C companies that blogged at least 11 times in a month saw more than 4x leads that companies that blogged only 4-5 times per month.

Most people are familiar with the importance of blogs to promote a business. But as an entrepreneur are you familiar with the importance of using your blog to effectively promote your business and increase ROI?

Here’s how!

Create a user-friendly and attractive online platform: You must put in the effort to ensure that your blog is attractive enough to visitors. You can use a good hosting and premium theme to make your blog look like a professional site. Your blog must also be user-friendly and easy to navigate or else some visitors will not revisit your site again.

Create useful content: You may understand the tactics of using inbound marketing skills and other online marketing skills to draw visitors to your blog, but what determines their stay is the quality of content you post. Consistency in the quality of content you create and how frequently you post content will also determine how soon you can convert visitors into leads. The type of content you publish should be one that aligns with your overall marketing and business goal.

Create special series: To keep content rolling on your blog, you can create special weekly or monthly series like interview sessions with professionals, business experts, entrepreneurs, or influencers in line with your business. This would give your audience something to anticipate every week or month.

Create a comment section: To receive instant feedback, observations, and contributions from your audience, you may want to activate the comment section of your blog. Another benefit of having an active comment section is that it encourages user-engagements.

Include calls to action: You must always remember that a business blog is beyond keeping your audience informed or entertained, the end result is to cause them to pick a solid interest in your business and possibly buy something. By including calls to action of a free trial, a discount, or sales offer, at the end of each blog post, your audience may be encouraged to make an actual purchase. But first, you must have a compelling post that causes your reader to want to click the call-to-action button.

Create a landing page: Once you have been able to successfully convince your audience to take an action, there must be a landing page that they are redirected to. On the landing page you will get their information once they complete the form you have there, hence, becoming a potential lead. Besides getting new leads, a landing page helps you collect visitor information and use them for future legitimate business purposes like sending ads and creating an email list.

Connect to social media: The importance of social media to businesses cannot be overemphasized, especially popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a matter of digital marketing practices, all businesses and brands should create their own social media strategy. Having a social media strategy would help you to be more deliberate on the type of content you post, having your overall business goal in mind. Social media also avails your business the opportunity to tag other notable people and organizations to extend your reach. Always remember that your social media content must be professional and audience-focused.

Add code snippets: Code snippets could also be attached to blog posts either for analytical purposes or for search engine optimisation and to reduce page downloading times.

Many businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, business leaders, and freelancers are taking advantage of blogging to promote their brand and grow their businesses. Although blogging may require a lot of work in developing writing skills, research, and skillfully creating compelling content, it is still an inexpensive way to grow your business and drive traffic to your business site.

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