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A company’s online appearance goes beyond websites, blogs, and online forums, it’s social media appearance is also as important. Through online reputation management, companies can now track the content or information that goes out about them, either from primary or secondary sources. ORM offers companies tools that can be effectively used in the tracking of information or misinformation about the companies, misspelling of brand name, and keywords associated with the companies. In the previous article, we looked at a brief introduction to ORM and considered the importance of search engine reputation management. In this article, we will be considering the importance of social media reputation management in the light of ORM.

What is Social Media Reputation Management?

Social media reputation management is the process of building a positive online brand or company image by monitoring and controlling the kind of information that gets posted on social media about a company. It also covers the necessary efforts and actions taken to counter negative impressions and reviews with positive ones. This can be achieved by consistently and strategically posting content on your company’s social media pages and websites—LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. The goal of doing this is to create a positive perception of your company to consumers.

“Social media reputation management is the process of tracking, monitoring and ultimately eliminating negative social media material about your brand to improve your name or standing.”

Social media reputation management also goes beyond social media to local business directories, yellow pages, online review sites, and apps for business discovery; basically, any online social community or platforms that let consumers express their thoughts about a particular company or brand or product.

Ways to Manage Social Media Reputation

  • Engage the use of social monitoring tools: Real-time social media monitoring tools help your company stay on track with public online mentions on secondary sources. These tools “track social activity across multiple networks and profiles in a unified social inbox.” When using a social monitoring tool, you would be able to track keywords or hashtags associated with your company (directly or indirectly commonly used on social platforms like Twitter or Facebook, or Instagram. Having a social inbox/smart inbox would also help your company receive all its messages across all active social media platforms in one place.

  • Appropriately Respond to Negative Content: Always remember that consumers are entitled to freedom of thought and speech of how they really see your business. Again, most consumers are more likely to express their dissatisfaction with a brand or company compared to the satisfaction they derive from it. The bottom line is that there would always be negative comments, content, or reviews about your company on social media. The social media manager should be able to effectively and appropriately address negative comments that come up. Not with the intention of winning an argument, but with the intention of strategically convincing the poster to have a change of mind about the company. Unless a conversation is done via private message or inbox, it is public for all to see. Many consumers may have similar opinions, appropriately convincing one consumer would also take effect on others that read the response.

  • Promote positive, relevant, and engaging content: It is simply not enough to respond to negative content but also, capitalize on promoting positive, relevant, and engaging content. Relevant and engaging content keeps your audience or consumers familiar with the motives of your company and engaging them often, gives them access to air their concerns about a particular issue relating to your company or brand.

  • Always be on the lookout for reviews on popular websites: Monitoring your online reputation is something that never ends as lots of online contents and reviews about your company are published daily. Being on the lookout for all kinds of reviews about your company would help you stay on track about all information that goes out about your website from secondary sources and take quick necessary actions on time.

  • Strong Social Media Presence: Maintaining a positive social media reputation requires an active and strong social media presence. The purpose of this is to keep track of the results gotten from the social monitoring tool, and responding effectively to issues that need immediate addressing such as negative content or consumer inquiry. It also serves as a good opportunity to connect with your consumers by engaging them on social media to earn their trust. Building influence and trust among your consumers would result in positive feedback and mentions about your company which in turn can positively affect your company’s online reputation.


One major importance of online reputation is that it betters your company’s chances of attracting more visitors and securing more customers if done rightly(more like the Online version of "word-of-mouth"). The truth remains that customers are more likely to make a decision about your company simply by reading online reviews about it or the kind of content created about it, beyond terrific marketing strategies—advertising, ad campaigns, promotions, or direct sales messages. It is safe to say that your company can be judged by its online reputation, hence the importance of ensuring that only the positives are out there.

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Website Management Agency is a Full-Stack Website Design and Content Creation Agency Founded by Parnda Hedima.

For Search Engine Optimization, Adverting, Website and Design please Contact us by Email, Website Contact or Phone (239) 227-5768.

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