Must-Have Skills You Need as a Data Analyst

Must-Have Skills You Need as a Data Analyst - Analytics by Parnda Hedima
Must-Have Skills You Need as a Data Analyst

In recent times, many businesses take advantage of using data to grow their businesses. This strategy has been widely adopted in many industries as it has greatly benefitted quite a number of businesses. In order to gather necessary data on product performance, customers, inputs, and a particular industry or market, the services of well-skilled data analysts are required.

As a data analyst, it is your responsibility to scrutinize information for your employer of client using data analysis tools. The amount of useful data you are able to gather would make your employer or client make important decisions for their businesses based on proven facts and statistics.

Though the general expectations of a data analyst include the ability to:

  • properly work with statistics and conduct data analysis

  • extract corrupted data

  • use technically advanced computer models to conduct researches

  • conduct a full analysis to interpret data

  • prepare comprehensive reports based on the analysis results and effectively present them to management

There are still special data analysis skills and general skills employers look out for in data analysts.

As the days roll by, new technologies emerge and new business strategies are created and as professional or amateur data analyst, certain top-quality data skills are very much required to enable you remain at the top of your game. These skills are;

  • Technical know-how

  • Data Cleaning and Preparation

  • Data Exploration

  • Statistical Knowledge

  • Data Visualization Skills

  • Dashboards and Reports Creation

  • Communication Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Teamwork Skills

Qualifications required to become a data analyst

For those considering taking up data analysis as a profession or hobby, the good news is that whether as a university graduate or a school leaver you can start a profession in data analysis. There are online and offline courses you can take to sharpen and develop this skill, courses such as programming languages (Python, Oracle. And SQL), data analysis and interpretation, and most importantly mathematics and statistics if you are not sound in them.

Learning never ends and the more you develop your skills to match the high market demand the more you increase your value in the system.

Where can you work as a data analyst?

Typically, you can work almost everywhere and anywhere as a data analyst. Top employers of data analysts range from banks to telecommunication companies, e-commerce stores, manufacturers, colleges and universities, software development companies, business enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc.

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