Managing Employee Behaviours & Attitudes

Managing Employee Behaviours & Attitudes by Parry Hedima
Managing Employee Behaviours & Attitudes

It is important that the environment of every workplace is in order and harmony, as everyone displays positive attitudes that contribute to growth and development. The state of every workplace goes a long way in determining the level of productivity from the activities engaged in.

How would it be if you found yourself in a workplace where you dread going to every day because most of the employees there display certain behaviors and attitudes that put you off?

A lot of employees display negative behaviors and attitudes, these behaviors can be seen as those which are not acceptable in a work environment and could hamper progress in an organization. An employee with a negative behavior can be like cancer eating deep into the growth and development of an organization.

There are ways some negative behaviors can be handled in an organization, such as:

1. DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOURS – Some employees are very disrespectful to almost everyone in an organization, they may count people’s worth as nothing and go-ahead to treat people as they deem fit and also use negative words on them. For such employees, sanctions to keep them in check could he introduced because such attitude would go a long way in affecting the mental productivity of others if nothing is done to stop it.

2. UNWILLINGNESS TO PROVIDE BEST EFFORT – I would suggest that such behaviors should be treated with wisdom. Some employees will never give in their best because they feel they are not being paid enough, or if they won’t be getting the credit or recognition. Therefore, there is no point doing anything good concerning the task assigned to them. Such an attitude can be resolved by introducing rewards and motivations in other to stir the right attitude in them.

3. INABILITY TO TAKE CORRECTIONS – Some employees will never agree to be wrong as they feel they are always right; they argue with co-workers as well as their leaders or managers. They hardly take corrections but insist they are right. Sometimes, it be best to sanction such employees based on the policies that govern the work place. Other times you could try to allow such employees to make the mistakes and have them learn from their own failures without interfering as far as it doesn’t disrupt the flow of work or affect productivity in the organization.

4. GOSSIPING – This is a major problem in the workplace. It not only has the ability to disrupt workflow but also stir up workplace politics. Often, people seem to have one thing to always say about other people and most times, such news peddled around are false. Gossiping should in no way be allowed to thrive. If there is something that has to be communicated badly, the management is best to know about it.

5. UNWILLINGNESS TO ACCEPT MISTAKES – One bad attitude displayed by some employees is how they can be willing to not own up to their mistakes. They either feel it’s not their fault, or they come up with something else as an excuse. Such a behavior can be checked by letting the employee know that it’s okay to mistakes, and it doesn’t mean they are not good enough, they can be encouraged and not attacked for their mistakes.

The negative attitudes and behaviors of employees can’t be overemphasized as it is seen and experienced on a daily basis, but leaders should be careful in taking corrective measures, so they don’t end up creating more problem at work. The manner in which issues are treated is important. Employees are humans and are not perfect, therefore, and an employer you must apply wisdom in correcting such employees. With a perfect understanding of the employees and their behavior, the leader can know how to react with each and every one of them, just so the workplace environment brings about growth and development. Some attitudes, when consistent, may require an employer to layoff an employee, but that shouldn't always be the first resort.

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