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Copywritng and Blog services by website management agency
Copywritng and Blog services by website management agency

As the need for businesses to create strong online presence increases, the demand for writing for business purposes also increases.

Copywriting is the art of writing a copy, that is, words used on promotional materials, ads, and web pages, to sell a brand, product, or service to customers and also convinces them to take the desired action. Copywriting is a marketing strategy that requires getting a salesperson to promote your business through excellent and compelling writing skills.

The major difference between having a sales team and a copywriter is a that a sales team has to reach customers one at a time, but a copywriter can reach all your customers at once with the same compelling sales pitch through digital and online platforms like billboards, sales letters, magazine ads, blog posts, social media, etc.

A proper digital marketing plan must have provision for design, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), inbound marketing, etc. But copywriting is the fuel that drives all these other strategies. A good copy is able to properly pitch your sales to your potential customers after attracting them with an attractive design and any other thing necessary. A good copy is able to convert your readers into potential leads and customers.

If you are a good writer with the ability to tell compelling stories to convince your reader to take a certain action or buy a product, then copywriting is for you.

First things first

If you are already a world-class copywriter, congratulations! But if you are yet to become one and you’re wondering how to go about it, this article will guide you.

Many people have often wondered what exactly is the secret to becoming a terrific copywriter:

  • Do I pay hundreds of dollars for an advanced course in copywriting?

  • Do I practice daily with top-rated sales letters?

  • Do I read countless books on copywriting?

While all of the above options are good, the art writing a compelling copy for a sales pitch is a skill that some people are born with, but it can be learned and mastered.

Here are some easy ways to learn, develop, and master copywriting!

1. Research the company and product: This is always the first step. Remember, you are telling a convincing story about a product, and the only way to be convincing enough to your readers is by familiarizing yourself with the company, product, or service. You must fully understand the product you are selling. Research requires a lot of time and effort, as it not only gets you familiar with a product but also gives you ample time to come up with a catchy headline.

As a business owner, it is easier to write about your product because you are well conversant with it. You perfectly understand its features and how it works, as well as the benefits customers, stand to get by using the product. In this case, there’ll be no need to spend hours or weeks of research as you can begin by writing what you already know about the product. Sometimes, it is advisable to still take your time to capture all the important detail of your product which will still be useful for future references.

You can begin by creating a product description which will help you answer the following questions:

  • Briefly describe this product in a few sentences

  • What makes this product unique?

  • What major benefits does this product provide?

  • What problem does this product solve?

  • What are the features of this product? And what are their benefits?

2. Know the customers: After familiarizing the product the next important step is to know the customers. To whom is this product for? Knowing who you are selling to is an important marketing strategy that helps you know exactly where and who to channel your marketing energy to. The effectiveness of what you sell is determined by who you are selling it to. For example, you are a copywriter for Apple and you were asked to create an ad copy for air pods. Your target audience would not be people above 70 who may already have difficulties with hearing. Your target audience will be from the age range of 12 – 40, preferably.

There are many other examples that can be cited. Some companies have products for all customer types. Therefore, the type of copy you create for stay-at-home moms will be different from the type of copy you create for a tech-savvy audience. At this stage, the copy is all about the customer and not the company, because it must appeal to your target audience on all levels.

Understanding the differences between your customers will influence the way you write and manner of approach. Further research into knowing your customers will help you identify what features of your product appeals to them the most. You can sometimes go the extra mile of putting yourself in their shoes. You can conduct customer research by answering these questions:

  • Who is this product designed for?

  • Who actually buys this product?

  • Who is the typical customer?

  • What do the customers love about this product?

3. Create catchy headlines: Catchy headlines serve one major purpose: to “catch” the attention of your audience. It doesn’t matter how rich your content may be, some readers will never get to open your sales letter or ad copy or article if the headline isn’t catchy enough. You can write a catchy headline by taking note of the following:

  • Uniqueness

  • Very specific

  • Convey a sense of urgency

4. Create a compelling and persuasive copy: After all, has been said and done, this is the stage you must put all your research findings into action to create magic! In copywriting, excellent writing skills are required, but even better is your ability to write persuasively. You must be able to comfortably tell your audience about a product, why it is different from other products, and how it can benefit them.

  • Begin with an impressive value proposition

  • Talk about all the benefits of the product

  • Take your time to explain each feature and its benefit

  • Include a strong call to action (CTA)

Remember, to create a killer ad copy or sales letter, you must step up your story-telling skill and your ability to effectively persuade your reader to stay glued to your copy and take an action at the end of the day.

Tip: Use a lot of persuasive words!

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