IT Staff Augmentation & Business Operation

IT staff Augmentation & Business Operation Parnda Hedima explains IT Staff Augmentation
IT staff Augmentation & Business Operation

It is a good thing to have permanent staff who work for you. Those ones who are placed on salaries and assigned jobs to take on daily. These staffs go ahead to perform every given task, meet deadlines and meet up to the demand placed on them as stipulated in their employment contract.

What then happens in a situation where there is a given project at hand and the current staff are unable to carry it out? The case being that the available employees are not enough to not just complete the project or they are unable to meet the deadline, it could also be that they lack the necessary skill needed for that project. Do you then have to go through the headache of putting out vacancies, how much time exactly would that take?

This is a perfect scenario where staff augmentation is considered and seen to be very helpful.

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that is used to staff a particular project in other to meet the current needs or carry out the business objectives. What this strategy does is to examine the existing staff and know the additional skills that would be needed.

On the other hand, I.T staff augmentation is the addition or introduction of new developers to the already existing employees working in the organization. This could be because of the limited time available for the project, or the absence of the employee with the necessary skills to execute the project.

I.T staff augmentation stands to benefit your business is so many ways, which includes but not limited to;

1. MINIMAL RECRUITMENT STRESS – You already know recruiting is not a task that happens just like that, it usually takes time and resources as well, not to talk of the headaches in getting the right person for the job. With I.T staff augmentation you don’t have to get a permanent staff, you just identify those with the needed skills to execute the project and contract them to join the already employed permanent staff in your business.

2. LOWER COSTS – Hiring a permanent staff comes with a lot of other costs, which can be avoided. I.T staff augmentation saves you from a lot of those extra spending which you will always consider in hiring new staff for the project at hand.

3. I.T STAFF AUGMENTATION SAVES TIME – When there is already a project at hand, it is really not a time to go jumping around in search of employees to take on the project. What if in the process, the available time elapses? Imagine what this could do to your business. I.T staff augmentation makes it faster, as there are already those with the necessary skills on ground to take on the project in collaboration with already existing employees.

4. HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY LEVEL – There is every tendency that those already working with you are tied up with some other responsibilities, and this might bring about divided attention. But when a project is outsourced the contracted developers are more focused seeing they have just one particular thing to do. For them, there is less distraction which would result in high level of productivity.

You don’t have to be worried about the level of control you have, it is your project and you still have the control over the developers as you do over your permanent staff, and it is also important that in outsourcing you look out for reputable companies that offer such services, with those who have the required skill to execute the project.

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