Internet Reputation: Importance Of Internet Reputation And Reviews

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

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Whenever people seek to know more about you or your business, the first they do is look up the internet for necessary information. Often times, people have mistaken online reputation with having a strong online presence on social media platforms alone. Online reputation concerns every facet of a company that's reflected online. From social media to blogs and online forums.

If you want to know the quality of your company's internet reputation, try searching for your business with Google. Your reputation is what is said about you and your company. There is no way of escaping this. Even if you only operate an offline business, always remember that there are more than 600 million people using social media. There is a very good chance that

someone who knows your business is talking about it online.

The three most solid ways to maintain a good internet reputation for your business are

● Personal blog or website

● Engagement

● Reviews.


While LinkedIn and Facebook platforms are good and very productive, having a personal blog or website for your business or company is the best. This is because, with your blog, you can create a good database for your customers and visitors you get through LinkedIn and Facebook. Your website would help foster a mutual relationship with your customers and your business.

Business blogs or website is more professional and very necessary for reviews.


Being on social media is not enough, in fact, getting your personal website for your company is not enough, your level of engagement would also determine the results you would get from

these platforms.


Studied have shown that 90% of people who visit your page online lookout for the reviews on

your business before making the decision to do business with you. People now believe online reviews even more than they trust words of mouths. No information about your business is hidden from the search engine. This can make or mar your business.

Most offline businesses facing troubles in their productivity could be as a result of a negative

review trending on the internet. You never know who is talking about your brand and service

until you check

Importance Of Reviews

● It can make or break a business

● Remember the popular saying that It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five

minutes to ruin it. This is very true of reviews. With a negative review, you stand a

chance to lose 22% of customers. With three this would rise to 59.1%.

● Earn the trust and shows that you care

● Responding to comments on your product, both negative and positive reviews would

show that you care about your customers. Engagement is key to business growth. And

the best form of engagement is replying to your customers reviews.

Importance Of Internet Reputation

  • There is no better and cheaper place to highlight the best part of your brand than the internet

  • Local advertising is no longer the standard, the internet has taken over multiple marketing platforms. There is no escaping it, your business is online whether or not you believe it.

  • Internet reputation allows the business to recognise where it needs to improve on customer satisfaction and crisis management and also to give information of Publics opinion about your Business.

  • Internet reputation increase your brands awareness as well as give information on customer demographic to further aid you in remarking to loyal customers

Note the first and most important thing when guiding your online reputation is the first

impression. What is google's response as regards your business? If this does not include up-to-date information about your service, online profile and articles about your business then you should do a thorough audit of your first impression. Brand yourself.

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