Inbound Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

store displays Christmas products for passing traffic. Know if digital marketing is the right approach for your business
store displays Christmas products for passing traffic. Marketing explained

The concept of marketing has stretched over the years, creating new strategies for marketers to explore. This has caused many marketing agencies to evolve beyond door-to-door marketing or TV marketing to other channels of marketing, especially online marketing.

When it comes to classifying or differentiating the different types of marketing, you may find that some marketing tactics only have a thin line separating them. As in the case of inbound marketing and digital marketing.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a type of marketing technique that involves the attraction and conversion of online users to generate organic traffic. It also fuels sales decisions based on the information retrieved from predicted user-behavior. With its sales funnel, inbound marketing allows you to grow engagement and stir up natural interest among online users. The end result of the inbound marketing strategy is to drive more conversions and organic traffic to a business site.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a more encompassing marketing technique that involves the use of all digital platforms to promote a business or brand.

What’s the difference between inbound marketing and digital marketing?

Since digital marketing encompasses a whole field of marketing via digital platforms, inbound marketing also falls under digital marketing. The two terms are often used interchangeably, however, they still carry their distinctions.

Inbound marketing is a broad marketing technique that only focuses on the internal aspect of online marketing. While digital marketing is a broader marketing technique that covers all the devices required to digitally connect with consumers. It ranges from traditional media to social media platforms, emails, search engines, websites, etc.

Inbound marketing is a more interconnected and long-term marketing strategy that may take a while to actualize. While digital marketing is a group of standalone marketing strategies a business can use to reach consumers across all digital platforms.

Why inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategic marketing tool that can be used to create a strong online presence. However, it goes beyond having an active online presence and regularly optimizing your business site (search engine optimization – SEO). A lot of work also has to be put into creating unified campaigns and rich consumer-driven content to ensure that all your efforts in generating organic traffic will not be in vain.

Another distinguishing factor about inbound marketing is that it goes beyond digital and content marketing. It is an intricate and persona-based marketing approach that consists of many unique components outside of digital and content marketing practices.

Both inbound and digital marketing practices require brand promotion and other necessary elements required. Whether or not you choose to go with inbound or digital marketing strategies to promote your business or brand depends greatly on your target, business needs, and desired results. However, inbound marketing may be more effective in boosting your business site.

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