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Start a Business with a Timed Budget. Parnda Hedima

Setting up a business is one thing, sustaining it is another but that is not what this is about. We know how difficult it is sometimes to launch out, especially when you have a low budget or no capital at all. Many people are out there with great business ideas but lack adequate funds to make it a reality.

Facing these challenges for a regular business is normal. How much more when one decides to go online and start an e-commerce business. Sometimes we are faced with the same challenge as having an offline business which could either be a low budget or no capital at all.

You shouldn’t discourage anyone that desires to start an e-commerce business, with the increasing rate of technological advancement. It is a great opportunity that the internet provides to many businesses.

You don’t need to write off the idea or break the bank to start an e-commerce business, you can start with whatever you have, irrespective of how small it is and then expand over time. With the following steps, I believe you are good to go, even if you have a low budget.

IDENTIFY A PRODUCT – You may say, well shouldn’t that always be the first step. One needs to have a product to sell. But it’s not in all cases, for dropshipping you don’t need to own any physical product. In setting up an online store, you would have to decide which product to sell, sometimes this product identification doesn’t just happen, appropriate research needs to be done, both for the product and the market. You need to understand how the market works and customer behavior in relation to that particular product.

START WITH CHEAPER PRODUCTS – While identifying your product, seeing how you are working with a low budget, it is important that you look out for products within the scope of what you can afford. You can get hot selling products with high demand that are not expensive. You don’t have to go for expensive products you can’t afford. Starting with cheaper products doesn’t mean you’ll spend the rest of your time in business doing so, there would be opportunities to scale up as you make profits, you can re-invest them or put them back into the business.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – You should never underestimate the power of social media marketing. Seeing how every business is going online and various social media platforms are being introduced, you could take advantage of those various social media platforms. Not only does it provide a wider reach, but it also requires a lower marketing cost than that of traditional marketing. As you try out social media marketing, endeavor to build an online presence with your brand. Build good relationships with your customers, you can also put out contents concerning your brand, your product, and its benefits. Potential customers may not know exactly how your product works or the benefit they stand to get, you can do this with effective content marketing.

To launch an online business on a low budget, there is a lot you could try out. These three steps may seem so short to you, but they are the foundation on which every other thing is built. If you can get on with these then it shouldn’t be as difficult as you think, even if you have a low budget.

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