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Let’s imagine you received two emails today; The first one was just words to tell you about a new product and its usage and the second came with colourful pictures highlighting the unique features of the product with only a few words for descriptive purposes. How would you react to each mail?

If I should guess correctly, you’ll probably not show as much interest in the first message as you would to the second one.

Over time, we’ve heard the common saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” well, design has proven this to be true. Incorporating graphical images into your advertising medium ensures the information is clearly communicated. People will most likely be willing to look at an advertisement with pictures than they would to one with words alone. They will also understand the message more clearly when images are included.

There are no restrictions when it comes to enjoying the awesome benefits of an effective design. It is valuable to both large organizations and small businesses. Now let’s see how including design in your advertising can be effectively implemented.

DESIGN TO BUILD CONNECTION - People love what they can connect with. Graphics design makes a message more compelling and influential, using images that the audience can relate to makes the advertisement more persuasive and will, as a result, propel them towards performing the desired action. Creating a design that echoes your brand’s values and purpose gives the market an opportunity to connect in a more personal way.

DESIGN TO STAND OUT - Would you rather have your brand stand out or get lost among thousands of companies in a similar venture by repeating the same message over and over again? Of course, you want your brand to stand out. A good design gives you the opportunity to create something unique which contributes to giving your brand a solid identity among the others. When people see an image they just know it represents your company or product and this will boost your advertising process, making your campaigns more productive.

DESIGN TO ENHANCE COMMUNICATION - Communication is essential to an effective advertising strategy. It’s the heart of marketing. High-quality visual messages give your audience precision and clarity about your brand or product, they know what to expect and are not left guessing. A design that communicates professionalism, quality standards, and efficiency will make them trust you to deliver.

DESIGN TO COMMANDS PROFIT - The reason for advertising campaigns is to generate leads that bring new customers, buyers and users while maintaining a profitable relationship with existing clients. This is why your message should be presented in a way that demands attention. Words alone will not bring as much attention to your brand and this is where graphics come in. An effective design draws attention, indicates solution and encourages action. Effective design empowers profitable advertising.

DESIGN FOR TIMELY RESULTS - Let’s imagine you run a grocery store and want to offer discounts because it’s a few weeks to Christmas, but you have limited time to inform your customers about this. What will be the best way to pass this across?

Certain advertising campaigns (seasonal promotions for instance) run for a short period of time depending on the purpose and underlying events. This gives limited time to get a particular message across to your prospects. Design, once again is effective for this purpose as it speeds up the communication process by making the message easily understood and even easy for customers to share amongst themselves.

DESIGN TO STAY RELEVANT - It’s true that pictures are easier to remember. Being constantly present around your target market keeps you in their minds and will boost your brand relevance to the point where they’ll be on the lookout for you when in need of a service you render. Graphics design can be efficient for building a memorable experience in the hearts of your audience and will encourage customer loyalty when infused with advertising campaigns aimed at nurturing new and existing clients and customers.


  • Be original, avoid using common designs or images.

  • Use images that will spark the desired emotions.

  • Infuse your brand identity into your design.

  • Maintain consistency in your various designs for the sake of identity.

  • Let your designs be client oriented.

  • Let the message be experienced rather than read

Advertising has taken a huge leap over the years and has grown to be more effective now more than ever, guess what? Design is to thank for this. So now you know this, we’re sure you’re ready to dive right into the amazing benefits of great design.

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