How Facebook Ads Can Grow Your Small Business

Parnda Hedima explains Facebook advertising for Start ups, Businesses and Online Stores
Growing Small Business & Start up with Facebook Advertising by Parnda Hedima

The focus of advertising is gradually moving from traditional advertising platforms i.e. television, radio, and print media, to digital advertising platforms. Considering the fact that traditional advertising costs more and the majority of contemporary audiences spend more of their time on the internet—social media to be specific.

As a small business or brick-and-mortar business, your best chance at advertising is digital advertising because it is cost-effective and there is a good probability that you’re the majority of your target audience is online.

Amongst all social media platforms, Facebook’s ads platform is one of the strongest with its ‘Facebook Ads’ as the largest social media advertising platform. Since 2007, Facebook has continually improved the features of its ads platforms. To use this platform, you must first have a Facebook page where potential customers can be easily redirected to. Many companies and businesses are aware of the fact that Facebook Ads are very useful in contributing to business growth, yet not many understand how they really work.

One thing that is constant is the fact that Facebook Ads strategies are similar to digital marketing strategies which require that you are able to think outside the box and come up with new strategies that can benefit your business. In running Facebook Ads, the social media manager will be responsible for:

  • Managing and monitoring online reputation

  • Creating engaging content

  • Managing interactions and the relationship between a business and its customers

  • Tracking and monitoring the progress of the ads

  • Analyzing all data gathered from social media reputation monitoring and Google analytics

Boosts Your Facebook Page and Posts

Facebook page boost or post boost would help you reach your target audience by customizing your target audience's interests and the number of audiences you would like to hit. Once all the formalities have been done and payments closed, Facebook would publish your page or posts to your target audience. Another benefit to Facebook boosts it that you get to grow your page/post likes and have a more engaging comment section. Some people would only engage or show interest in a page or post that has more followers or likes.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

The importance of having a website landing page can never be overemphasized. With Facebook ads you get a two-in-one package, you not only reach a wider audience target but also get to redirect the audience to your website, thereby, driving traffic for both your Facebook page and website.

Increase Website Conversions

The overall purpose of all website conversions is to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers/buyers. Once you have been able to successfully drive traffic from your Facebook page to your website, the next step is to seek further measures to converting them into paying customers/clients. You can do this by attaching a specific website landing page on each Facebook post. That way, rather than simply redirect your audience to your website, you’d redirect them to a specific web page.

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