Google Optimisation Score

Search Engine Optimisation Score
Google Optimisation Score

The Google optimization score is an estimate of how effectively your Google Ads account is set to perform. The optimization score ranges from 0% to 100%. Your account is set to run at its full potential when it is 100%.

Besides the optimizations score, there are also recommendations by Google that can help you optimize your campaigns. Such that, each recommendation is able to tell how much your optimization score will be impacted if you apply a specific recommendation. Whether you apply or dismiss these recommendations changes can be made to your account’s overall optimization score. You can get optimization scores at Account, Campaign, and Manager Account levels. However, the scores are only shown for active Display, Search, and Shopping campaigns. It isn’t used by the user’s Quality Score or AdRank.

How is optimization score calculated?

Google Ads calculates the optimization score in real-time based on the statistics, status, and settings of the user’s account and campaigns. Also, the relevant impact of available recommendations and recent recommendations history are included in the calculation.

Optimization score and available recommendations are bound to change based on several factors including your settings and trends in the ads ecosystem. Whenever these changes occur, you will also see a new set of recommendations and a different score.

Why recommendations?

Optimization recommendations are important because they help you improve the performance of your campaign. They are typically based on campaign settings, Google search volume/trends, and performance history.

All the recommendations come with individual score uplift ranging from <0.1% to 100%. These score uplifts show the estimated impact the recommendation has on the overall campaign metrics. It is possible to have recommendation scores that got above 100% when summed up. This may happen because some recommendations tend to invalidate some other recommendations.

Recommendations can help you achieve more on your budget by improving ads, keywords, and bidding to increase the overall performance of your campaigns.

To apply a recommendation, you can simply click the ‘View’ button to select the recommendation you want, and then click ‘Apply’. If you want to apply recommendations within a specific type, simply click ‘Apply all’ in the recommendation card.

To dismiss a recommendation, click on the ‘X’ button at the top-right corner of the recommendation. If you want to dismiss all recommendations within a specific type, click the three dots in the recommendation card, and then click the ‘Dismiss all’ button. Recommendations can be dismissed when they no longer seem relevant to your ad campaign.

Additional info:

Optimization scores and recommendations help you to prioritize the most impactful actions that can help improve your account performance. According to a 2019 Google survey, advertisers who increased their account optimization score by 10 points saw a 10% increase in their conversions, on average.

The Google optimization score now includes Shopping campaigns, in addition to Search campaigns, to make available more real-time recommendations to improve the overall performance of an account.

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