Google Merchant Center: Introduction

Understanding product marketing with use of Google Merchant
Understanding product marketing with use of Google Merchant

The Google Merchant Center is a platform designed by Google to help business owners and users save their store and product info on Google, making it available to shoppers across Google. This means every information about your store and products will be available to all Google users when they run a search on any Google platform or Google partner websites.

How does Merchant Center benefit you?

Upload product information: As a business or business owner registered on the Google Merchant Center you will be able to get accurate product information across to potential customers on Google. The platform is designed in such a way that product info such as price and availability are correctly presented to your target customers.

Access to customers across Google platforms: With Merchant Center, you can reach thousands of shoppers across paid and unpaid channels. That way, your product shopping experiences go beyond advertising. To enjoy this feature your store and product info must be entered on multiple Google services such as Shopping ads, Shopping actions, and any other Google services.

Gives you more insight: You can also get more insights and holistic reports on the performance of your programs connected to Merchant Center. This will enable find more actionable insights on merchandising, pricing, and boost your overall business strategy.

Reach a global audience: Google Merchant Center offers you the opportunity to advertise and sell your products across over 90 countries. To explore this option, you must set up multi-country feeds to show your inventory to potential customers and shoppers in supported countries.

Boost promotions: According to a Google report, 40% of global shoppers use Google to find the best deals on any product. With Merchant Center, you can set up promotions for your shopping ads, by setting a general promotion that applies to every product listed on your site or restricts the promotion to only selected products.

Better results: The Merchant Center does more than helping you organize your business and product info. It also has features that help you improve your results too. On the ‘Opportunities’ page of the Merchant Center, you will find tools to help you improve your campaigns and drive more traffic to your site.

Additional info:

Google Merchant Center is used to boost your shopping campaigns, shopping action promotions, and local inventory ads. It is absolutely free to use, but you have to pay for clicks on your Google Shopping ads. To set up an account, you must first create a Google or Gmail account, then head over to the Google Merchant Center website. Once you get to the website follow the account set-up instructions, and you will be granted access to use the Google Merchant Center.

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