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Google Manufacturer Center was designed by Google to help you provide the most up-to-date and authoritative product data into Google. This updated information will be made available to potential customers across Google, helping you drive more sales and expand your brand’s reach.

It is a free platform that allows registered users to upload and manage well-detailed product information about their brands or licensed products. The required information includes titles, descriptions, images, and/or YouTube video links. Detailed information on the Google Manufacturer Center also allows Google to suggest other products similar to yours whenever someone searches for your product.

How can the Google Manufacturing Center benefit you?

Showcase your brand to potential customers: The Manufacturer Center allows you to upload updated business and product information to enable shoppers to easily discover your products and determine the next step to take. It will also allow you to highlight product features that suppose interests your potential customers the most.

Reach more people across Google: You can promote your brand and products across preferred retailers by enabling Shopping campaigns. These campaigns are linked to Google Ads which allows you to drive product sales, expand digital marketing partnerships, and understand digital ad performance.

Get more actionable insights: With the Manufacturer Center you can find more actionable insights on how well or poorly your products perform on across Google services. You can also access analytics for brand manufacturers. That way you can keep track of competitor products, especially those that always show up next to yours, to help you average the selling prices across your retailers.

Other benefits:

With Google Manufacturing Center you have access to comprehensive analytics including clicks, review impressions, and other performance metrics. You will also be able to improve your presence on Google such that your brand and products become more discoverable by potential customers and shoppers.

Over 90 countries are supported by the Google Manufacturing Center. This means that as a registered user you have the opportunity to show your brand and products across several countries.

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