Five Ways Technology is Changing Business Operations

Five Ways Technology is Changing Business Operations Parnda Hedima website management agency
Five Ways Technology is Changing Business Operations

Since the 1930s industrial revolution, the world has not stopped revolutionizing its technology. With new technologies comes a new way of life, and has been the major cause of social changes in the world today. Technology affects every aspect of life by changing how we see the world and how we do things. In business, technology has not only made business operations easier but has devised better ways of improving both business operations and the workplace.

Enhanced Communication

Through the use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and digital communication channels like emails and instant messaging business owners or managers can easily communicate important ideas to employees simultaneously. New developments can also be easily communicated to clients.

Digital Advertising

Many businesses, both big and small all benefit from this type of advertising. Unlike traditional advertising such as billboards, newspapers, TV, and radio, which are costlier and limited to a particular geographical location per time, digital advertising is relatively less expensive and lets businesses advertise products and services across several digital platforms at the same time. Through search engines, web pages, and social media pages, businesses can now pay for advertising slots to reach a multitude of audience at the same time.


The age of telecommuting has made it possible for a number of businesses to operate online. Telecommuting saves workers the time and energy of physically getting to their workplaces to execute jobs that can as well be done remotely. It also saves businesses extra money which would have been used to rent a physical office place. Telecommuting allows almost all business operations to be carried out online and remotely from job execution to conferences and seminars. Unless in a few cases where employees may physically have to come together or meet up with clients, of which an alternative arrangement can be quickly made.

Data Analytics

Data analytics has provided a way for businesses to track their online business performance and understand their audience better through the use of data analytic tools like Google Analytics. By using these tools, digitized businesses can gather necessary data from website performance, consumer behavior, business reputation, etc., and put together useful information that would be beneficial for improving business operations.

Cloud Storage

Since its advent, cloud computing has been a strong point for many tech-savvy businesses that value data storage. Cloud storage provides a strong backup option for all important business documents such as safety data, contract details, financial spreadsheets and reports, marketing plans, product price lists, recruitment and salary details, competitive analysis, etc. In case of fire outbreak or theft important documents would not be lost. Notwithstanding, there is a downside to this and business owners must also put security measures in place to prevent their cloud storage from getting breached or hacked by unauthorized personnel.

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