Digital Age and Online Business

The digital age is a historical period that started in the 20th century. The era began precisely in 1970 when personal computers and other subsequent computers were introduced and information could be easily transmitted from one person to the other. This can be linked to the advent of transistor computers, especially the MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor) that became the building block of modern technology. The digital era is also known as the "information era, " and "computer age".

Furthermore, the advent of computer brought with it a rapid shift from traditional industry through industrialization to an economy that uses more of information technology. With the advent of information technology, the spread of information through the internet took a sudden leap in businesses and homes. The Internet brought a shift in the way businesses operate. Many businesses have moved from pitching their product through a physical salesperson to maintaining an online presence. This gave birth to what is known as an online business.

The digital age has so greatly influenced the world we live in today that it is almost impossible to see any aspect of life that hasn’t been infiltrated by digital technology. From high-tech computers to smart phones, smart homes, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and so on. All facets of the society—government, education, entertainment, business and manufacturing— all function more effectively with the use of digital technology. The advent of online business cannot be separated from the development of technology. Online business is simply any business that entails sharing information about it on the internet. This implies the marketing of products and selling them through the internet, mobile phone apps, display advertisement, and other technological channels. As against the storage capacity of computers before, today the storage capacity of the computers is enough to contain information about their customers. As digital platforms continue to grow and people continuously use technology, online business is becoming more prevalent.

However, with the advent of the internet and other technologies, customers no longer need to consult a salesperson before getting detailed information about any product. All they need to do is go online and search for this information to their smartphone or computer and from the comfort of their home. Once the product meets its standard, they simply make their order online. This great advantage has led many business organizations into creating an online presence on the internet for their products. In 2010, growth in online business was estimated to be up to 4.5 trillion online ads annually. These ads cut across various digital platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and others. These platforms allow business organizations to create content and publicly publish it. Customers or visitors interested in the product are given access to share their opinions, thoughts, and experience about the products.

Today, eight out of ten customers would first go online to make enquires about a product, check for the reviews, browse stores and other information before buying the product. Online customer research is usually higher for products that are very expensive and for consumable goods like groceries, skincare, and makeup. Visitors and consumers are increasingly visiting the internet to look up for information about a product, check the price of the products and search for deals and promotions.

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