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Digital Advertising by Parnda Hedima

Every business exists to create a value of some sort, of which creating products and services may be a part of. Small businesses may find it a little more difficult at the beginning phase of business activities, seeing that there had been lots of businesses that already exited and are providing the same services they offer.

One way every business gets known and discovered is through advertising. Advertising is a key factor to consider when it comes to marketing and sales, knowing fully well that advertising helps to boost sales and builds a wider customer base as awareness is created by itself. Not every product sells on its own, some demand proper and strategic planning for it to be perceived to not just exist but possess value, the kind the customers would be willing to pay for.

Small business can stick to traditional means of advertising, they can decide to play small, not realizing the goldmine that exists in the digital world. Digital advertising has over time, proven to offer many more benefits and advantages, which small businesses can grab.

Digital advertising offers a wide range of benefits, which can’t be exhausted. Some benefits would be considered below;


Traditional advertising may have you just set up a billboard on the highway for everyone to see, with such there is no form of precise target, it is open for the general public to see. With digital advertising small businesses can restrict their advert to a target audience, the adverts run would be precise and only be seen by those who are interested in it, this is most likely to increase the conversion rate, small businesses can target their audience effectively on the various social media platform.


In digital marketing, advertising campaigns can be set up quickly and on the spot. Once the products are available, a campaign can quickly be put in place. Not just that it is quick, it is also quite easy as instructions and directions are giving in the process of developing an advertising campaign. Traditional advertising may take weeks of planning which might slow down the process and kill the interest in desiring to launch the product into the market.


One major benefit of digital advertising is the fact that it is cost-effective. For small business which are yet to be able to compete with larger firms to push funds into radio, television, and newspapers for advertising could benefit from the low entry costs of digital marketing tools and get results from a wider audience. Through digital marketing, small businesses can run effective advertising campaigns with a high conversion rate, and subsequently, increase the reach of their campaign.


Small businesses constantly giving out valuable contents which are in line with the products and services they offer would not only build trust and reputation in the mind of customers but would also give room for interaction between the business and potential customers through the strategic use of content marketing.


Digital Marketing Solutions are usually accompanies by Data management and analytics tools to enable advertisers have a clear idea of Cost of Acquiring customers and making money. Google Analytics is an example of such platforms to help track the traffic and demographics of your customers as well as recommend strategies to make the most of your money.

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