Differences Between Social Media Reputation Management & Search Engine Reputation Management

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Search engine reputation management and social media reputation management may be quite similar in nature considering the fact that they are both forms of online reputation management. However, there are a few fea that distinguish them.

Individual Purposes

The major difference between them is that social media reputation management has to do with the quality of your business’s social media pages which usually includes the quality of content that goes up on the page and the quick response rate amidst other factors. It is the role of the social media manager to make the business social media page look good by all means including professionally addressing negative reviews or comments. While search engine reputation management has to do with first relevant information or content people find on your business in the search engine result pages (SERP), as well as promote positive reviews above bad reviews.

In a bid to create bloggable content, many freelance writers or bloggers carry out unsolicited reviews about a particular business or brand for the purpose of generating traffic and getting the attention of audience on their blogs or forums. These reviews are not necessarily positive always, and can affect the reputation of your business. Through SERM techniques such negative reviews or content would be pushed to other Google pages asides the first and second pages, especially the first. Google statistics reveal that about 90% of users do not go beyond the first page.

Information Monitoring & Control

Using monitoring tools, you can keep steady track of public mentions of your business or keywords relating your business. Both search engine reputation management and social media reputation management require distinct tools to help achieve this purpose. For search engines like Google you can use the ‘Google Alerts’ to keep track of business name misspellings, business name mentions, and relating keywords. While for social media, you can engage the use of real-time monitoring tools that keep track of post tags or hashtags relating to your business directly or indirectly.

Since your business social media page is likely going to be handled by the business, you have the liberty controlling the kind of information and content you want your audience to see. In dealing with negative social media content that poses a threat to your business reputation you can report the false news to the agency to be removed. Whereas, with search engine it is quite difficult to control the kind of information that goes out about your business. Luckily through optimization and SERP cleansing, you can clean out negative impressions that affect your business reputation and replace them with positive ones. You may not be able to control the information dissemination from their different sources but you can determine the relevancy of such sources through search engine reputation management.

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