Data Recovery: 3 Steps to Recovering Lost Data

Data Recovery: 3 Steps to Recovering Lost Data- Better Ideas - Cybersecurity by Parnda Hedima
Data Recovery: 3 Steps to Recovering Lost Data- Better Ideas

A company’s data is one of its vital aspects as the loss of data can be detrimental to the company. It is one thing to make good sales in business and another to take proper measures towards protecting vital data about the business. Data loss, if not recovered can lead to the death of a business as vital client information and vital company information. It also exposes the company to external threats which may affect its reputation. Many small businesses fall victim to data loss due to ignorance, lack of preparation, or assumptions that it will never happen. There is a mantra that is common in the world of data recovery, it says: “It’s not a matter of if you experience data loss, but when.”

Preventive Measures

Before your business loses important data, there are preventive measures you can adapt ahead of time. Preventive measures such as:

  • Develop a checklist for every unit of your business

  • Create a strong backup system for all files and important documents such as CDs, DVDs, flash drives, external hard drive, internal hard drive, thumb drives, and online storage

  • Delete all unwanted files, emails, and programs not needed anymore.

  • Print out a paper copy of all company accounts and passwords and keep the copies safe

  • Run a virus scan on all computers from time to time

The Recovery

In an event of losing all your company’s data for whatever reasons, you can recover lost data through the following ways:

Seek Professional Assistance

Unless you have a good idea of how data loss and recovery works, it would be best to avoid self-recovery. Through the help of recovery programs and software you can recover lost data yourself, however, there is every tendency that you may still require professional assistance. Most times, trying to retrieve lost, damaged, inaccessible, or corrupted data yourself may be quite demanding. There are many reasons why it is best to use a professional to recover lost data; mainly, because they know the ins and outs of data storage.

Inform Your Customers or Clients

For transparency sake and professionalism, it is best to keep your customers/clients informed about the unfortunate occurrence and possible steps your business is taking towards recovering all lost data, as well as possible measures customers can take to protect themselves. Though customer loyalty may be lost due to “irresponsible” management or mismanagement of data. There are minor cases of data loss when informing the customers may not be quite necessary. In such cases, the lost data does not directly affect the customers such as non-data breach related issues.

Learn from Past Mistakes

Many businesses that experience data loss were either ignorant about it or unprepared for it. Therefore, to avoid another occurrence, it would be best to take up preventive measures towards data protection such as backing up data in multiple secured sources and beefing up cybersecurity to prevent hackers from breaching your system.

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