Laws of Averages

Understanding was of Averages Parnda Hedima
Laws of Averages

Laws of Averages (Direct and Indirect Marketing)

If there is any area that has experienced much changes in the business environment we have today, it has to be marketing.

Within a short while, a lot has changed and it keeps evolving on a daily basis as businesses are trying to catch up with emerging trends in marketing.

If you own any business, you should study these marketing trends and know how it can help grow your business.

The law of averages which is about doing more to see more hinges on marketing. As you meet more prospects there is a chance that the conversion rate will increase.

If meeting ten people will get you one client, then there is a chance of getting two or more clients when you meet over twenty prospects.

Of course, the law of averages does not stand on its own, there is a role to play by those involved in sales.

For this reason, you should pay attention to marketing. It is the right marketing that brings about conversions and validates the laws of averages.

When it comes to marketing, it can be in two forms, which are direct and indirect marketing. We’ll now delve into these two forms of marketing.

What is Direct Marketing?

Like the name implies, one can say direct marketing involves you coming facefront before people to sell. That could be direct marketing in a way but that is not what direct marketing is about.

Direct marketing has more to do with coming to someone straight up and offering your product or service for sale. With direct marketing there is no sort of beating about the bush or trying to build rapport.

The intention is to just sell and walk away with the customer’s money. This can be done through email campaigns, direct sales calls, paid advertisement on social media, printed advertisement and all.

The Challenge with Direct Marketing.

The challenge with direct marketing is that people sometimes may get irritated and decide not to patronise you.

Some people don’t like when you always try to sell to them. So be careful with how you use direct marketing. Though it is a good approach, it has its negative side which could be detrimental to your business.

What is Indirect Marketing?

Indirect marketing is an approach that is different from the norm. Over time we have been used to people just coming to you to offer their product or service.

Direct marketing can get irritating and affect communication with prospective clients.

Indirect marketing helps solve this problem faced with direct marketing. With indirect marketing you are aiming to build brand awareness, and ensure customer loyalty.

The idea behind indirect marketing isn’t for you to sell immediately, but to build trust in the minds of prospective clients.

Your aim is to get them to not just buy from you once, but to keep coming back to patronize you.

Indirect marketing is usually done in various forms which could be through helpful blog posts, social media pages, search engine optimization, referrals, online reviews and more.

The Challenge with Indirect Marketing.

Indirect marketing also has its own challenges. One of such challenges is that it takes time to make conversions.

You are not coming with the full intention to sell. Though that is a goal, you are trying to build brand awareness and as well gain customer loyalty.

As such, using indirect marketing requires patience and consistency. The waiting period may be long, but once you are able to establish your brand, the period of waiting begins to pay off.

Direct Marketing Vs. Indirect Marketing.

The question then would be, which of the forms of marketing is most suitable?

One can’t really tell as they both have their pros and cons, it all depends on the business structure and what it can accommodate or what the business owner hopes to achieve.

Both forms of marketing are great when used right and one can’t tell which supersedes the other, it’s best you understand your business, your goals and then know which approach to use.

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