Common Workplace Performance Issues.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Workplace performance issues and mitigation
Workplace performance

Every employer needs their employees to be fit and set for the job that has been assigned to them. When an employee is not in good shape as it concerns their health, it affects their productivity and also the workflow in an organization.

You don’t get mad at them or look for a way to get rid of them. Some employers have done this in the past, but that may not have been the best action to take, they could have sought for ways to help their employees, worse still is that these health issues faced by employees are most times developed in the course of them performing their duties.

We’ll be considering some health issues that employees face and how they can be handled.

1. LACK OF ENOUGH SLEEP – Have you ever deprived yourself of sleep for a long time, can you remember how you felt, how you were less productive, sometimes it comes with a pounding headache which a pain killer may not be able to stop. At that point what you need is a good sleep, the body would always want what it wants and we can’t cheat it. Employees sometimes deprive themselves of sleep so they can complete a task or beat a deadline, just to keep their jobs. This can be solved by giving them time to go and get that much needed rest, a day or two days off would most likely solve this.

2. FATIGUE – Due to Human performance limitations, people are bound to get tired. We are humans and not machines, so there’s a limit to what we can do at a particular time or for extended periods of time. Employees are often faced with this challenge. For some, just getting to work is enough stress already, then they get to work with a pile of work waiting on their desk (Thankful for the morning coffee). Most employees would face such challenges unless there are proper sleep, rest & workplace amenities that mitigate fatigue & lack of proper division of labor in an organization. One person takes on too many tasks, this should not be. Work can be shared effectively and not only would it be faster; it gives people time to also get some rest and still be provide proficient workplace performance.

3. POOR MENTAL HEALTH – This can be from various angles. Some suffer from mental issues due to much stress and for some, it is as a result of abuse in one way or the other, which could be harsh words from employers or domestic problems. This goes a long way in affecting people’s mental, even faster than stress. Employers can be careful and deliberate with their choice of words, even when the employee is not competent, there is always room for growth. If it’s a case of stress, an employee may be given some time off to go and recuperate.

4. SITTING TOO MUCH – This may not seem like a problem, but it is. Many employees often develop waist problems or back aches from sitting for long hours. Breaks could be given to employees to just take a little walk and stretch themselves, the manner in which an office is set up can also help or hinder such walk when it is needed.

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